Improve and optimize
your Kafka in minutes

Superstream is an AI-based engine that reduces your Kafka costs and boosts its
performance by up to 75% without changing a single component or your existing Kafka!

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How we can help

Reduce costs

Pay for what you actually use

Overallocation can be costly. Boost savings and cut expenses by ensuring your apps use only what they truly require.


Manual maintenance isn't scalable. Superstream acts as your maintenance copilot, ensuring your Kafka clusters are always in optimal condition

Dynamic partitioning

Partitions are costly because their number is fixed. Superstream enables flexible partition adjustment as needed.

Control your clents

Superstream ensures real-time control and alignment of your Kafka clients with best practices and organizational standards.

Make changes at runtime without needing to reboot clients Achieve complete observability from producers to consumers Enable and adjust features such as linger, batch size, compression, etc. Effortlessly convert JSON to binary Disconnect disruptive clients Transfer clients between topics or clusters


Easily implement and maintain secure, non-abusive client access to your Kafka clusters.

Eliminate the need for coding extensive terraforms and scripts to prevent abusive use. Develop use case-specific client templates in various sizes. Implement an approval chain. Enhance Developer Experience (DevEx). Reduce the burden of automation maintenance. Maintain dynamic agility for changes.

Boost Performance

Payload reduction

Superstream seamlessly converts JSON payloads to binary, reducing their size by at least 50%. Without enforcing a schema or SerDe.

Less rebalances

Superstream consistently eliminates hard-to-detect dangling and zombie resources, reducing your partition rebalances by over 50%.


Scaling is challenging. Superstream monitors, alerts, and even takes action to resolve these issues, including CG lags.

Enhanced observability

Gain full observability across producers, consumers, clusters, brokers, and resources, down to the data level, to resolve issues ten times faster.

Avoid a vendor lock

Migrating from one vendor or cluster to another shouldn't be a hassle. With Superstream, you have the power to seamlessly transition clients between resources in real time.

Minimal Effort, Maximum Results

Superstream is completely transparent to your existing clients and clusters.
No proxies, no additional hops.

Zero engineering efforts

Immediate results

No proxy nor additional data hops

Seamless for both your apps and devs

Improve and optimize your Kafka

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Frequently asked questions

To process a greater volume of data in the near future, Kafka needs to be cheaper, faster, and easier to maintain. Achieving these benefits usually requires replacing the existing Kafka with a managed one or a different vendor, which is a time-consuming, expensive, and painful process. Superstream effortlessly integrates with any given Kafka of any provider through its API, continuously fetches and analyzes various metadata from the Kafka clusters and their clients with a proprietary library, and surfaces and applies enhancements to improve performance, minimize expenses, and reduce operational complexities.

Your entire Kafka environment, including your current vendor and SDKs stays the same.

Yes, including Confluent, Redpanda, AWS MSK, Aiven, and Instacluster.

Cost and performance optimizations involve a series of continuous actions aimed at reducing unnecessary resources, coupled with various enhancements on the client's side. These improvements significantly contribute to processing smaller payloads more efficiently than without Superstream.

Superstream improves and optimizes your Kafka Clusters using methodologies that fit both managed and self-hosted Kafka and reduces your Kafka Total Cost of Ownership in three steps: 1. Continuously ensure your clusters have the resources they actually need and automatically detect and fix if there is a drift. 2. Transparent payload reduction. 3. Proactive and reactive protection. By implementing the steps above, we are able to reduce the compute, memory, partitions, storage, and traffic of your EC2 clusters.

Confluent is our bread and butter. Superstream enhances and optimizes your Kafka clusters, whether managed or self-hosted, reducing your Kafka Total Cost of Ownership through three key steps: 1. Continuously ensuring your clusters have the resources they actually need and automatically detecting and correcting any deviations. 2. Transparent payload reduction. 3. Proactive and reactive protection. By implementing these steps, we can significantly reduce or adjust the number of partitions, required storage, and traffic, which are the primary cost drivers in Confluent Cloud.

Commitments in Confluent are minimums, meaning that if your usage exceeds the commitment, a discounted fee will apply for those additional resources. We can help by: a) Ensuring you stay within your commitment or only exceed it minimally. b) Superstream is not just about cost reduction; it also promotes non-abusive and safe interactions with your Kafka clusters. This ensures clients are properly configured, empowers you to be more proactive, and significantly reduces troubleshooting and maintenance time.