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Our vision

With the rise of AI and its fast-moving adoption, the cliche of the ever-growing volume of data is really no longer a cliche, and with the benefits of more data, so are the challenges of maintaining costs and performance while absorbing and processing more data than ever.

AI is here to help us, not to replace us, and we found a way for it to help with cost and performance challenges as well.


Ensuring Safety in AI-Enhanced Kafka Optimization

Robust Data Protection

We implement advanced encryption protocols and regular audits to secure data at rest and in transit.

Continuous Monitoring and Testing

We established a mechanism of continuous reliability monitoring, testing, and improvement.

Meet our team

The Minds Behind the Magic

Yaniv Ben Hemo

Co-Founder & CEO

Sveta Gimpelson

Co-Founder & CDO

Idan Asulin

Co-Founder & CTO

Avraham Neeman

Co-Founder & CPO

Valera Bronshtein

Director of Infrastructure

Beka Kochauri

Senior DevOps Engineer

Shay Bratslavsky

Software Engineer

Shoham Roditi Elimelech

Software Engineer

Daniel David

Software Engineer

Otabek Gulomov

Software Engineer

Eden Toobi

Business Operations Manager

Avital Trifsik

Marketing Manager

Our Commitment to Standards and Integrity

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